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An introduction regarding this question

“Your principal has tasked your grade level with the development of a Parent Handbook that can be used during Back to School Night to promote an at-home/school partnership in literacy.”


part 2


Domains (Please chose at least one. One person will do two of these pages. We are to “create two activities that will contribute to the development of each of the following literacy areas in the home.” “For each activity, include materials that would be easily accessible and inexpensive in the home and instructional tips to make the activity successful.”  “The use of clip art is also suggested.” “For each of the five literacy domains, research and list free community resources or government agencies that promote family literacy activities or provide free materials. Provide the name, contact information, and a brief description of the services provided by each.” We need a minimum of five resources (one for each domain), so please include this with the page or pages selected.


This is the one they gave me
Reading comprehension –




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