Need An Argumentative Essay On Nursing Patient Guide To The Internet Needs To Be

Need an argumentative essay on Nursing / patient guide to the internet. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

That number has grown from 54 million in 1998 and continues to increase” (Navigating for Health: Finding Accurate Information on the Internet) The World Wide Web (WWW) helps us to find information from all over the world, with a finger click. Most of the information is anonymous and hence it is necessary to verify it before using it. Books and journal information are written by scholars and hence we can depend, such knowledge up to certain extent. But we don’t have much idea about the providers of web site information and hence such information should be used after careful evaluation.

3. Look at the source of the information. Professional organizations such as The American Dietetic Association or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are more likely to have credible, reliable information than an unknown person or group of people or a single issue site

5. Check it out. Discuss Internet nutrition and health advice with your doctor, a registered dietitian or other health professional to be sure it is accurate and appropriate for your needs” (Navigating for Health: Finding Accurate Information on the Internet)

Apart from the guidelines mentioned above, information regarding the authorship, publishing body, point of view or bias, accuracy of the content, knowledge of the literature, etc are also should be analyzed by the user of such information.

Consider a person who was suffering from anxiety disorders and looking for some solutions from the net. Since he wanted to keep his problems as a secret, he was not interested in approaching a doctor. At the same time he was badly in need of some remedies also.

The above patient can consider looking at the information provided in the web site This site is sponsored by the anxiety disorder association of America. It provides accurate information regarding authorship, publishing body

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