Need An Argumentative Essay On Differences Between Football And Baseball Needs T

Need an argumentative essay on Differences Between Football and Baseball. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Baseball was most popular in the 1950s and the period prior. The Yankees were always the best during baseball leagues (Rogers, 2012). They always won the first position. The Cleveland Indians took the second place and the Chicago White Sox mostly took the third place.

Baseball, however, evolved in the ‘60s as pressure was mounted to incorporate people from other cultures (Lowenfish, 2008). There was also pressure to expand the baseball leagues from the usual eight that often played to ten teams. The teams were to increase later to twelve. Some major groups also relocate from the Northeast to the West Coast. The baseball league management also introduced a watering down of scores and points. It was successful as now teams could score more easily, but it destroyed the credentials that baseball had and lost more fans.

Baseball was more like an American game watched and celebrated in America while football is a global game (Rogers, 2012). All countries have a team, and the team represents the country. The best teams are the ones that play in the final leagues. The positions are awarded on a merit basis. The best football teams globally can run their football clubs more like companies. Therefore, teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, among a few others are run like businesses and have their shares even listed on the stock exchange. The fact that investors can chip into these companies makes them be able to ‘buy’ the best players from other small teams. The small teams agree to it because they get cash in exchange that they use to try to improve their team or for costs.

Football is popular because it is an international game, more of a competition and the best team wins. As teams try to fight for the championship, the game becomes more attractive, and people are lured into following it. There is also the aspect that there is always a big chunk of money to be paid to the team that

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