Medical Terminology Paperinstructions Using At Least 2 Terms From Each Chapter C

Medical Terminology Paper


Using at least 2 terms from each chapter, chapters 1-9. Write a story (250-500 words) that describes a day in the life of a medical assistant working in an urgent care center. Pretend that you are that medical assistant and you are describing the patients who have come to the urgent care facility that day. When writing, each word must be used in proper context and in a manner that demonstrates that you know the meaning of the term.

Here are some examples: My day at the urgent care center began with our first patient who complained to his wife early in the morning that he was having “worst headache of his life” and was experiencing parasthesia on his left side. By the time he arrived, he presented with aphasia and facial palsy. Even though he was unable to speak when he arrived and his face looked paralyzed on one side, he was conscious and alert. The doctor immediately ordered a Cat Scan to preliminary determine if the patient had suffered a cerebrovascular event. There was no family history of stroke, but the patient was previously diagnosed with atherosclerosis. 

While that patient was in Radiology, a young mother brought her infant son in who was having  febrile seizures. He did not have a history of epilepsy, but had been sick with pneumonia and this was complicating his asthma. His mother advised the doctor that shortly before she took his temperature, he started having severe bronchospasms, which lead to dyspnea. His temperature was 105. When the patient came out of the seizure, he was still short of breath and looked cyanotic.   I think that because he was short of breath, he wasn’t getting enough oxygen and this is why he started to look a little blue.

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