I Will Pay For The Following Article Australian Defence Force Adf Capability The

I will pay for the following article Australian Defence Force (ADF) capability. The work is to be 15 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Historical ISR capability In the past, the ISR has been able to accomplish much in ensuring that the intelligence for the Australian defense is available at the utmost time of need. The Australian defense forces have had first hand intelligence since the system has significant capability towards detention and prevention of looming attacks (Stevens, 2001). According to the study work of Great Britain & Arbuthnot (2008) the intelligence wing has been able to show its capability by producing tailored intelligence data to meet the needs of the defense forces at their time of need. Providing imagery intelligence and measuring intelligence activities, targeting and production of general intelligence, has been an ardent capability. Surveillance since its inception has been topnotch where the defense forces of Australia have been able to take random checks on the prevailing global cryptology threats, the surveillance system thus since its inception has been efficient to facilitate decision making and combating tactical fighters and commanders (Breen, 2010. Boyne, 2012). The surveillance wing has five operational groups that cooperate to ensure that every operation in the air is secure. The reconnaissance wing since its inception has been able to show its capability by ensuring imagery and timely data before the defense forces get into the combat, ensuring that there are few casualties while in action. This wing according to Kearney (2003) has helped in the past during the invasion of Vietnam and Iraq, but remains to be seen with increasing rate of terrorism. Contemporary capability According to the research work by Bernus, Nemes & Schmidt (2003) currently the ISR operates with one hundred fighters while the defense forces of Australia claim that operating with fifty fighters would be as generous. The ISR of Australia has the capability of deterring and defeating armed attacks in and around Australia, due to the dangerous phase of the world presently the current ISR remains unreliable. Currently, according to Levey (2004) there has been a misconception on the capability of the Australian ISR because it has been helping the defense forces to combat and invade Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. This misconception has sent confusion in different quarters on the defensive system of Australia. Currently, though the system has formidable capabilities, there are increasingly more threats due to the increasing campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq giving a likelihood of an attack against Australia. The current ISR is under threat because the emphases on land operations are misleading to the Australian defense forces as seen in the study works of Godara (2009). For the current ISR to be capable to fight the looming terrorist attacks in Australia, the Australian authorities have to shape up their systems to be able to serve a broad national interest. This means that the ability to use military force when necessary, and knowing what is happening in their strategic areas of interest remains supreme to ensure that the ISR is capable (Grey, 2008). Future capability Considering the increasing terrorist threats, there has been rising need to spice up the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance of the Australian defense forces. This has been through proposals such as the one by the ministry of defense to replace the present Lockheed Orion which has unmanned aerial vehicles, with a more sophisticated warfare vessel.

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