Hi Need To Submit A 3250 Words Essay On The Topic Prison Subculture It Is Very C

Hi, need to submit a 3250 words essay on the topic Prison Subculture.

It is very clear that the inmates of correctional institutions perforce develop an institutional subculture. This subculture has its own code of conduct, roles, behavioral expectations, and argot or institution-specific language of its own. This code of conduct comprises of customs and values that organize the manner in which these people live in these institutions. Moreover, such a code has a major bearing on interaction with other inmates and adaptation to prison life. Stated succinctly, this code consists of ubiquitous components that are to be found in all correctional facilities due to the fact that the standardized society and its characteristics are inimical to prisoners. Survival in prison is dependant on rejection of the standards of free society and adoption of the rules of prison. It is essential for correctional administrators and prison staff to understand this prison subculture in all its aspects as this enables the maximizing prison efficaciousness while ensuring the safety of prison staff and prisoners. As such prison subculture makes the inmates different from persons living in the free society. Due to this they live in a world away from the world, which has its own norms, mores and values. The surprising fact is that the offended felons do not seek the help of the correctional officers but obtain protection from the dominant felon.

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