Hi Need To Submit A 3250 Words Essay On The Topic Amazon Marketing Communication

Hi, need to submit a 3250 words essay on the topic Amazon Marketing Communication.

The present research has identified that market research is the first step in marketing communication.The organization identifies the market requirements and produces the appropriate products. The second phase involves delivering the product to the market through promotional activities. This form of marketing communication is however not complete since it lacks customer feedback. A complete marketing communication plan entails the dissemination of information and customer feedback. Marketing communication in e-commerce enables organizations such as Amazon to market their products across the globe with minimal limitations. Marketing communication influences the success of some f the largest e-commerce organizations in the world. It is, therefore, important to analyze marketing communication critically based on e-commerce. Organisations practicing e-commerce engage customers in their marketing strategy through constant communication. Amazon is an example of a large e-commerce organization that markets its products by effectively communicating with its customers. Marketing communication is an important business activity that involves the distribution of product information through various marketing channels. It is also a direct communication between two or more individuals. Traditionally, the main marketing communication channel revolves around mouth-to-mouth communication. The development of e-commerce influences personal communication in many ways such as the introduction of e-mail and social network sites. The various types of personal marketing communication are expert channels, advocate channels, and social channels. Salespersons are the main agents of communication in the advocate channel. Some organizations prefer the services of experts to disseminate their information to customers. In such a case, experts mainly facilitate the communication. Social channels entail communication marketing that uses social platforms such as journals, leaflets, posters, radio, television, magazines newspapers and online forums. In the contemporary world, organizations are using the internet as a marketing communication channel.

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