Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Paper On The Topic Fashion And Identity Therefore

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Fashion and Identity. Therefore, what we wear defines us. Overages, the dress style has been to differentiate between the genders. Until to date, fashion provides the individual with essential means through which they manage their identities.

Starting from the places that people do work, it is easy to identify people based on their ranks and gender among other classifications. The males and females choose their fashion distinctively at work (Abrahamson 1996). Mostly suits are for males at the workplace. For a long time, men in the workplace have had this identity. Later clothing to other sectors has been from the primary suit modification that has been done to extend to other work areas (Abrahamson 1996). Females also like skirts and other formal dressings. However, today people are becoming diverse and female suits are available but they are distinctively different from those of the males (Buick 2012). At the hospital set up, the identification of the doctor and the nurses is easy from what they wear. Therefore, identification of people at the workplace does not necessarily need looks just identification of what they wear (Bennett 2005)

Similarly, there is a fashion for every profession and every person represented in society. For those people who are not professional, they wear depending on what they want their identification to be (Parmentier & Fischer 2011). To them, the clothing reflects what they want other people to see. If you stand in a marketplace, u can be able to identify the priest, prostitutes, and students among others.

Our fashion also talks a lot about us to others and can identify the activity that people are to perform (Pentecost & Andrews 2010). For example, identification of an individual about to sleep with a sleeping nightdress, swimming to the swimming costume and sports gear for the athletes. Besides, there is also fashion for all occasions from celebration to mourning. There are those designed for graduation too,&nbsp.parties and most of the other times. Despite this factor, clothes for different genders are different (DiMaggio & Crane 2002).&nbsp.

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