Hi Need To Submit A 1500 Words Essay On The Topic Healthcare And Law Penses Once

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Healthcare and Law.

penses, once whatever coverage they would have runs out, or if the individual(s) in question would lack insurance, the greater question would become how to pay for the subsequent bill(s) in their entirety. There are countless health conditions that may require an individual to seek the assistance of a doctor at any point in their life. One such instance would be for those patients seeking to initiate the procedure of breast augmentation.

While for some, the procedure of breast work would be for cosmetic reasons, for others, such work would come after the presence of a health condition, such as breast cancer that in turn, would require the reconstruction of the breast. With the introduction of the material added during such a procedure, there are risks that may result from the procedure being performed. Such as, the rupture of the material within the breast and as such, results in other health consequences as a result for the patient. For this very reason, there would exist laws state and nation wide, to serve as an education tool that would ideally, stave off any potential negative ramifications that may occur.

From a legal standpoint, one such example of a case that would have been filed, due to issues surrounding breast implants, would involve a woman from San Diego, California. In this case, “A woman who claimed a design flaw in her silicone breast implants caused them to rupture and leak has lost her lawsuit against the manufacturer, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing,” (“Woman”, 1999-2010, para. 1). By the action taken through the court system, the verdict rendered, would illustrate the apparent feeling on the part of the court that, in terms of rendering guilt, they would feel that the manufacturer of the implants in question, would not have been liable for what would have occurred to the patient in question.

With this case, “Marva L Smith, 43, had sought damages against 3M for the cost of surgeries to remove the implants, to correct

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