I Will Pay For The Following Essay Gattaca A Movie Review The Essay Is To Be 3 P

I will pay for the following essay Gattaca: A Movie Review. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

This decision was stimulated when they had the blood of their first son, Vincent, tested for genetic abnormalities which got them the conclusion from doctors that Vincent was going to die at an early age because of a terminal heart condition (Gattaca, n.d.). As a natural reaction, parents wanting only the best for their child, both felt the need to do whatever it takes so as this does not happen to their second child, where they have seen science and technology as instruments in serving their duty as parents well of giving their children the best that life has to offer. Because of this clean motive to promote the betterment of their second child, they have forgotten about the issues that genetic engineering might bring in the aspect of morality and religion. However, I still believe that the means does not justify the end.

Gattaca, though was a movie that tickles the boundaries of the mind and challenges technophobia or the resistance to new technology, brings a lot of morality issues that questions God’s authority as the creator of everything. In Ecclesiastes 7:13, that says, “Consider Gods handiwork. who can straighten, what He hath made crooked?” poses the question of the extent to which man, being given intellect and will, can tamper on God’s plans by using technology to change what God has already designed. This is viewed in two ways by society. First of which would be the fact that before everything else came to life, God has already planned out one’s whole existence, Him being the creator of everything makes us His property and mere custodian of our bodies. However, for those who believe that the ultimate purpose of creation would be to achieve Utopia, would see technology as a gift from God to allow one to escape suffering and deem genetic engineering appropriate.


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