Hi I Need Help With Essay On Marketing 2 Recently Purchased Items Paper Must Be

Hi, I need help with essay on Marketing: 2 recently purchased items. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The level of involvement is a reflection of the importance of the product to the consumer. It also shows the eagerness of the consumer to get the product. It also affects the amount of information that a consumer would need to make a given decision. The level of involvement is evidenced by the time it takes to make the routine purchases and the needed make a decision on a big purchase. Typically, a consumer would spend so much time debating to whether to get a product that fetches high prices and is not a routine purchase. The nature of a decision that is whether it is low, limited or high involvement depends on the consumer’s preferences and spending habits. However, the purchase of some products demands high involvement for all types of consumers. For example, all people will be highly involved in research information and making a decision on location, size and price before purchasing a house.

Low involvement decisions are characterized by routine purchase behaviour (Bush & Hunt, 2011, p. 155). Routine purchase behaviour involves making automatic decisions using limited information or past information. For example, a consumer who has a habit of buying Diet Coke every lunchtime is exhibiting routine response behaviour. In this case, the consumer does not think too much of purchasing a Diet Coke because he or she is used to buying. Some low involvement purchases can be made with no prior planning or deep thought. It is known as impulse buying. For example, a consumer might be at the store, and he or she decides to purchase a fashion magazine just because he or she needs it. It is possible for low involvement products to be purchased on impulse but not always.

High involvement decisions carry high risk because their failure might lead to huge losses. In most cases, high involvement decisions involve complex or expensive products. The idea of spending much money on a single product will prompt a consumer

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