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There were no thoughts about stunt performance in the early film industry. If anything demanding needed to be done in the film, producers used to hire desperate or crazy fellows to perform these actions. The first known professional stuntmen were buster Keaton and Keystone Kops. They learnt this through trial and error, and slowly perfected. All stunts action in films was real. no faking of actions took place. In most cases, early stuntmen were comedians and spent most of their time entertaining their audience in theatres (Claudia 56).

In the beginning of the 20th century, audience’s interest in serial movies rose. The demand called for evolution of more risky stunt. film producers doubled their actions and made their scenes more dangerous. The rise of the American in 1910 was also a factor that led to growth stunt people and movie stars. Yakima Canutt and tom Mix were among the most famous stuntmen in this period (History of theatres nd.

In 1970s, this was the beginning of technological advancements. It was a period that air bags, bullet squibs, and air rams developed. The evolution has continued up to date for computer has come to reduce the risk involved in these arts (History of theatres n.d).

Although computers can develop graphics like the above, they can never by as real as what was produced before their evolution. The above graphic is a real illustration of a man hanging with a wire (Lambert 67).

The first theatre recorded in reference to world’s records was introduced by the Romans. They had copied this philosophy from the Ancient Greek. The constructed semi circular structures using wood, but were later reconstructed using stones. They had a raised stage with seats surrounding it. They were built in the open air, inside big halls, or barns. Elizabethan theatres in London borrowed ideas from this knowledge. An ideal example is the Globe theatre in London (History of theatres n.d).

One of the most common stunt effects is stage combat.

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