Hi Need To Submit A 1000 Words Essay On The Topic Assume That Canadian Tire Is O

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Assume that Canadian Tire is opening up a store in Ghana.

It was dominated by two colonial powers, which are France and Great Britain. In time, Britain was able to dominate both the political and cultural forces in Canada. Two significant communities are distinguished by language, culture, religion and politics and they live separately from each other since they have divergent views on the history of Canada as a nation.

In comparison to Ghana, Canada has two distinctive characteristics of everyday consumptions. Canadians are big eaters where meat tends to be the dominating portion of each meal. They have three regular meals in a day where breakfast is the largest and most important meal of the rural people. Canadians take lunch at midday, and the urban people take a snack but it remains an important meal to the rural people. Dinner is the final formal meal of the day, which is taken by residential group as a whole, and it can be extended to nonfamily members. Ghana’s main diet is made up of starchy staples accompanied with soup or stew. Forest crops such as cassava and tropical yams are mostly consumed in the south (Kaminski, 2012). Corn and rice are most important among the Ga community though their main food is fufu combined with cassava. Soup ingredients in many communities include common vegetables accompanied by animal proteins, especially fish. In addition, palm nuts and peanut crops are the favorite among different communities in Ghana. Indigenous foods are eaten at all social functions even by the western people. It is rare to find restaurants outside urban business districts though most local bars offer various foods to workers and bachelors.

Ghana’s economy mostly depends on primary products such as cocoa, gold and timber. International trade contributes to one-third of the GDP while 70 % of export income comes from the latter three major commodities. The domestic economy is mainly involved with primary agriculture

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