Hi Need To Submit A 1000 Words Essay On The Topic History Of Intellectual Assess

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic History of Intellectual Assessment Paper.

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Mostly, intellectual functioning can be perfect in an individual when there was no impairment of the brain during birth or childhood stages (Wehmeyer &amp. Obremski, 2012). How intellectual functioning impact personal success The initial intellectual functioning test occurred in 1904 by Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon who were screening children in Stanford schools. During this exercise, they intended to divide the best performing and poorly performing students. In 1910, Henry Goddard translated the same intellectual test to English and transferred it to the U.S schools. Later on in 1916, Lewis Terman published the intellectual functioning test produced by Binet and Simon. By 1937, these intellectual functional test/ scale became the famous Stanford-Binet scales (Haywood &amp. Tzuriel, 2002). By that time, different other pioneers gained determinations in implementing an intellectual test to demonstrate intelligence. In America, David Wechsler developed the initial copy of intellectual test in 1939 and named it Wechsler-Bellevue, which made him become a pioneer in the field. His intellectual functioning test/scale was strictly applicable to adults. …

At most, these complications are hard to discover in children before performing an intellectual test. Nevertheless, in adults, people noted with these complications will seclude themselves so that the community does not discover their weaknesses. In addition, some individuals on the realization of their problems will search for advice while others will only do this when in distress. The other 13% of the remaining individuals have serious problems in their intellectual functioning and physical disabilities. However, these problems require early interference, training and support from the community in order for one to fit in the community (Lacy, Pyykkonen, Hunters et al, 2008). Intellectual functioning is very vital in the personal success of an individual. For example, individuals with intellectual disability lack many skills and knowledge that individuals who are intellectually functioning entail. While individuals who are intellectually disable need help from others, for them to participate in definite activities. Besides, the intellectual functioning individuals are proficient at performing the same activity without help because they possess required qualities to participate in those activities. Therefore, these results to intellectual functioning individuals’ succeed in life unlike those who are intellectual disable. This process also influences an individual’s level of success because an individual who is intellectually functioning is capable of comprehending language.

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