Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Graduation Narrative Writing Un

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Graduation (Narrative Writing).

Unfortunately, when my father lost his way to the place, I started to get nervous that I might be late or my name would be called and I would not be there. This was a shameful thing to even think of yet I had these open-eyed dreams again and again. There was something seriously terrible happening that day, not only with me but also the ones who were linked to me in one way or the other. My family had to take the brunt of my worry. Eventually my father reached the place safe and sound and in one piece.

I quickly wore the graduation gown and the weird cap that made me feel uneasy all the time. It kept getting off my head and I chased it more than anything else that I have chased all my life. The ultimate moment came when my name was called out on the stage but I did not pay heed to it, more so because I was busy finding my cap and then putting it back up on my head again. I was really angry when my name was called out the second time as I quickly got up and started to march towards the principal in order to collect my degree. This was a difficult walk since I stumbled upon back and forth. Eventually I reached the place where the principal was standing and took my degree and left the stage as soon as I had entered. I believe all of this happened within a blink of an eye. I just could not come to terms with what had happened with my own self all this while.

I believe whatever happens, happens for a reason and so is the case with my graduation day. I laugh at the events that happened on that day and it makes me realize that nearly all events of life must be enjoyed as they teach one lesson or the other at different stage of one’s career. I was unsatisfied earlier that my graduation day went really bad and I had no fond memories of the same to share with my friends yet when I think about the same now, I come to the realization that it makes me feel happy and at ease and more than anything else, it spreads a smile on my face

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