Homework 1 Cs512 Data Structures Deadline You Will Submit Your Completed Homewor


CS512 Data Structures

Deadline: This assignment is due by the next class on Friday, June 2, 2017. You will submit your completed homework via EMS. 

Find the Big-O complexity of the following growth functions?  (5 points)

 6.4n2 + 0.98n + 0.2

 83t1/4 + 71/4 +9t3/4

 10n3 + 78

 n2log n

 y4 + y6 – 

Find the dominant term in the following growth functions. (5 points)


 log m + m log m

6n + 5n-1

 71n4 + 75n2 + 7

1 + n4

 Find the order of complexity for each of these expressions.

x3 + x 2 − 3x + 2

 44log n + 6

3n + n3


 y2 + y + 11.2

    Arrange the growth functions above in the  decreasing order of their time complexity (5 points)

How many terms are in the following growth function: T(x) = 3×5 + 6×2 + x

Use a calculator and the tabular method to determine the dominant term of the function.

What is the Big-O complexity of the function?

(5 points)

Explain the following aspects of good software quality: 


Portability             (5 points)

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