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All these have been exemplified well in the analysis segment and discussion segment.

The main objective of this experiment is the determination of the focal length as well as the focal points of lenses. In this entire experiment, two methodologies for finding out the spherical lens’s focal length were chosen. They refer to the lens replacement methodology, and the lens formula methodology. The first method sets basis on the lens formula which is very essential when it comes to this concept. This formula states that there is a linear relationship between, image distance (v), object distance (u), and focal length (f) of the spherical lens (Boston, 2010).Therefore, after recording some variables regarding the object and the image distances, the computation of the focal length will be a very easy task. This can be done using the following formula:

On the other hand, the lens replacement technique has to do with a number of frameworks. For instance. if the screen and the lamp housing are separated from maybe (a) to around (s) cm, two positions between shall definitely be established, hence leading to the formation of an image on a screen. This is with accordance to the concept of reversibility of light. From that point, the focal length can hence be computed using the following formula:

The experiment started after assembling all the apparatus that included. the optical lens, light source, optical benches, lens mounts, as well as the screens. Using the lens mounts, a lens was mounted on a flat surface. The targeted object was then placed at a specific distance in front of the lens. The screen was thus placed at the rear end so as to monitor the reflected image. The object distance was slightly altered with, and based on this, the consequent variation on the image distance was thus determined. The same procedure was repeated with a constant variation in the object distances. The results were the recorded accordingly for further

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