Journalize The Following Transactions For The Month Of May 2010 1 Purchased A N

“”Journalize the following transactions for the month of May 2010:1-Purchased a new computer for $1200 on account.3-Finished and delivered a project to a client, along with a bill for $4500.4-Bought $150 of office supplies6-Issued stock-new owners contributed $4000.7-Finished and delivered a project to a client who had pre-paid the fee in April-$8000.9-Paid payroll, $11,000, some of which was accrued as of April 30.10-Rcvd a $4800 retainer fee from a client for services to be provided over the next 3 months.15-Paid $2600 on account (for purchases made in April)16-Rcvd $1500 on account from a customer18-Rcvd and paid a bill from a cleaning service for window washing-$20025-Paid Payroll, $11,00031-Interest paid on note payable-$10031-Rcvd utility bill for May-$150. Due June 12.31-Rcvd a check for $35-inteest on a note payable31-Declared and paid $1400 cash dividends”Journalize and write adjusted and unadjusted trail balance.”

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