Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Essay On The Topic Hr5053 The Daily Routines Are

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic HR5053.

The daily routines are elaborated along with the issues that the employees face upon daily basis. The company’s temperament regarding the position of its employees in the company and how it treats them are explained where the culture of issues relating to the management of employees are discussed as well. Detailed analysis of the key issues highlighted in the videos is explained in the context of relevant theories and theoretical perspectives so as to determine the issues in detail and in depth.

The company is constantly in operation twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week so as to provide the product to its company. Obviously the teams work in shifts and have different routines. The company works hard for the providing the users of its products with a continuing improved interface so as to attract the potential users and existing stakeholders. The pressure upon the employees is intense so as to continue with the development and research regarding the perception of the users (Matthew, 2008). The interfaces designed are to facilitate the user in various manners where the access and easy operation along with the management of the parts of the product is aimed. The employees of the company are extremely focused upon improving the user interface technique and are continuously in discussion for the issue.

The pressure of taking account of the information as quickly as it is generated and to deliver it to the relevant department is crucial. The response of the users is to be studied by the employees, which is a complete job in the company and shall be highlighted in sense where the analysis of the respond towards various parts and facilities in the product of the company can be analyzed. The product of the company is the social platform that it provides through which people interact. The users of Facebook are spread worldwide and the employees of the company are required to focus upon their interaction

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