Hi I Need Help With Essay On Describe Social Hierarchies And Discuss Their Relev

Hi, I need help with essay on Describe social hierarchies and discuss their relevance for ethnic studies. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

better comprehension of the processes of social stratification and inequality in the general society but more importantly the business world (Karin 7). Ethnic minorities encounter a lot of challenges such as labor market discrimination to an extent that some of these people face health differences where those with low socio-economic status are at a disadvantage.

Significantly, a good example is where in the United States there are groups that experience inequality through discrimination when it comes to acquiring jobs i.e. Africans, Asians and Latinos (Karin 23). It is very hard to find people from these ethnic groups in the top level management of prominent organizations. once they get jobs in these organizations and are at the bottom of the hierarchies, it is very hard for them to get any promotions or even job upgrades.

Generally, ethnicity is a significant category of social hierarchies in contemporary societies that contain a significant number of ethnic communities with most parts of the society dealing with challenges associated with racism, ethnic discrimination, ethnic identity or even minority rights. This has actually resulted to the ethnic communities in the United States relying on social ties and latter groups that look upon state agencies for employment and trying to find ways that they can employ so as to improve labor market chances like acquiring high level skills (Karin

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