Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Mtv Networks In Addition The Mi

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic MTV Networks.

In addition, the Middle East is exposed to diverse political forms of government, most of which excessively use religion as a basis of their governance (Frost, 2008, p. 218). Furthermore, unlike the western nations, the Arabic countries conserve cultural beliefs such as honour, shame, trust, family and socialization among others. It is therefore beyond doubt that the Arabic culture is relatively dominated with the Islamic practices, and thus any new product that aims at penetrating the Arabic nations should be in alignment with these cultural beliefs and practices.

Essentially, there are various matters of concern for MTV’s special determination of entering and penetrating the Arabic television market. Even though this company has an outstanding worldwide image, it is entering a market that has individuals possessing strong cultural and conventional ties (Beyer & Beaman, 2007, p. 163). In fact, Baltaji stated that is was quite ironical for MTV, a broadcasting corporation well-known for annoying “religious, political, and conservative” societies, is operating in a region known for negatively reacting to provocative content (qt. in Centre for Management Research [CMR], 2009, p. 179). This was, therefore, a major concern for the management of MTVN since the company was bound to face excessive religious and political opposition.

Besides, MTV being an American brand, thus excessively possessing America’s liberal traditional values makes it more challenging to enter a market that hold essential religious beliefs and is opposed to the airing of controversial material. Moreover, the resilient anti-American attitudes that are dominant among many Arabs, arising mostly from factors such as America’s support to its arch-enemy Israel, and its Iraq invasion, made several Arabs angry and thus this would act as a huge challenge for MTV, an American brand (Cogan & Kelso, 2009, p. 33). However, this problem was overcome by MTV through entering into a partnership with the local based Arabian Television Network (ATN).&nbsp.&nbsp.

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