Hi I Need Help With Essay On 3 How Could Rbs Avoid This Failure Reflecting On Th

Hi, I need help with essay on 3-How could RBS avoid this failure reflecting on the best practices. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

mistake that was done by the RBS was that it lacked a board that oversaw the financial statutes of the institution in terms of borrowing and lending hence causing a lack of review for profit analysis.

Devolution of monetary powers, this primarily entails the effective use of all aspects of proper governance in that there is no point where on body has full dominion in making decisions without consulting the other. This is entwined in the need of board of governors and other aspects of management.

Finally the main best practice is the introduction of full inevitability spectrum. It entails the making of a bank that not only is well vast in terms of saving but also good at making use of the saved money at a reasonable rate of

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