Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Essay On The Topic In The Light Of The Fee Struct

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic In the light of the fee structure of 2012, evaluate & analyze the current advertising strategies & plan of the University of Huddersfield in relation to the recruitment of prospective undergraduate students. Identify any possible future objectives & strat.

ve of competition among educational institutions especially the private institutions to promote themselves among the students which includes both domestic as well as international students.

Academic institutions apart from serving as learning centres are also emerging as a major contributor to the economy of nations. A research report states that the education sector in UK provides employment options to approximately 345,000 individuals and generated approximately 34.8 billion pounds of output in UK alone (Go, 2004, p.19). The present study would focus on the education industry with a special focus on Huddersfield University. The study would encompass an analysis of the different courses as well as the marketing and advertising strategies which would be discussed in the sections to be followed.

The roots of Huddersfield University could be traced back to the year 1825 with the establishment of Huddersfield Scientific and Mechanic Institute. In the year 1884 the university undertook a series of mergers and renamed itself as the Huddersfield Technical College in the year 1896. The institution had a humble beginning with only basic courses and is presently offering quality education for a vast array of subjects ranging from engineering and technology to arts, drama and music. Presently the university has student strength of approximately 24,000 students representing as many as 130 different nations from diverse cultural background who live together in common harmony. The total annual turnover of the university has been stated at a value of approximately 120 million pounds. The university is known to contribute approximately 300 million pounds directly or indirectly towards the economy of the region and also providing employment to a large number of people apart from the benefits of research carried out in the campus. The university has opened up two new campuses apart from its existing location at Oldham and Barnsley so as to cater to the demands for quality

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