Hi Need To Submit A 1250 Words Essay On The Topic A Research Paper On The Connec

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic A research paper on the connection between poverty levels (the have-nots) and crime from the sociologists view.

specially in areas where there is a high concentration of poor households as opposed to the sparsely populated rural areas where the residents were found to be far more affluent than their urban counterparts. Furthermore prisons include a large concentration of criminals who are poor rather than the rich and the famous. These instances indicate the presence of a strong and undeniable social pattern, thus substantiating the role of social status as a foundation of modern criminology (Siegel, 2011. Andersen and Taylor, 2010. Guarino-Ghezzi and Trevino, 2010).

This essay probes the hypothesis that crime and economic misery are inextricably linked and in the process includes a comprehensive review of various theoretical and empirical evidences, supporting the claims made.

Although the theme of economic deprivation and crime is not a novel concept it has managed to garner considerable interest among sociologists and criminologists alike to explain the drastic rise in criminal activities over the years. This study aims to explore the various effects and implications of poverty on crime by way of theoretical and empirical evidence, thus adding to the existing research and asserting the positive relationship between the two. Poverty and crime is rampant in the United States. This study would help in understanding the various ways in which poverty motivates crime and the substantial evidence presented may help in reaffirming the claims made in previous studies. The observations made in the study may provide a sound foundation for analyzing the negative implications of a disproportionate society and suggest ways for the policymakers to overcome the same.

The existing empirical and theoretical evidence in support of the relationship between poverty and crime is strong and growing (Glaeser et al., 1996. Kovandzic et al., 1998. Levinson, 2002. Siegel, 2011. Venkatesh, 2006. Garland, 2001). Various explanations have been offered by sociologists to ascertain the impact and

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