Hi Need To Submit A 2750 Words Essay On The Topic Otaku In Japan And America Ota

Hi, need to submit a 2750 words essay on the topic Otaku in Japan and America.

Otaku no Video, which is Gainax anime portrayed the otaku as a self-mocking and humorous way but also with a dose of pride. Though in many times, the portrayal of otaku has been eccentric like the frightening image of a child killing sociopath, they are actually harmless. Otaku has made it a point no to allow it to be stereotyped. Poku style of Takashi Murakami has achieved much acclamation both in Japan and abroad. Poku is a combination of Pop and otaku. To remove the above negative attitudes within the general public, they have made efforts to educate the public about the otaku culture. They have ached international recognition and have also achieved acceptance domestically. The international spread of manga and anime has resulted in the spread of otaku culture which has also in some cases infused with the local culture to give rise to otaku-ism. These groups want to make otaku culture known all over the world. Otaku culture has been growing rapidly in the United States. Anime shows emerged in the United States in the late 1970s during the same time when anime shows became popular in Japan. Since the anime has been popular in otaku culture and the United States and Japan. The American Version of Otaku no Video which was released in 1991 played a very influential role in introducing the concept of otaku to the American anime fans. As Japanese society is getting bigger and better the level of stress is increasing within the people and they are getting more confused. This makes people want to escape from reality and enter into an unrealistic world full of magma and video games. This slowly eliminates the boundaries between the unrealistic world and real world.&nbsp.

Japan is known as for its economic success but their society remains a mystery to many outside its borders. In today’s world, everyone is leading a high-stress life.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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