Hi Need To Submit A 4000 Words Essay On The Topic Managing Change In Orgainsatio

Hi, need to submit a 4000 words essay on the topic Managing change in orgainsations.

The common definition of globalisation suggests that globalisation is fuelled by the interrelationship between various central trigger factors including economic, technological, socio-cultural, political and biological factors, resulting in the interconnectivity of states. In turn, the proliferation of the globalisation phenomenon has offered novel business opportunities regarding expansion in international business strategy.

The integration of the globalisation phenomenon into business with the increased movement of capital and commodities has had a significant impact on international business strategy (Tomlinson, 1999). Additionally, Held and McGrew argue that globalisation represents the interconnectedness of states, societies and culture, which has thereby propelled global trade, ideas and capital (Held & McGrew, 1999).

Furthermore Brah et al, argue that globalisation as a novel cultural paradigm is exemplified by the internet revolution, which has challenged methods of dissemination (Brah et al, 1999: 3). Moreover, Tomlinson posits that globalisation has had a concomitant effect on traditional cultural models with the creation of new cultural models (Tomlinson et al, 1999).

The digital era fuelled novel business opportunities and the continuous evolution of online business channels has made multi-channel retailing a reality, with the customer now placed at the forefront of business strategy. In turn this has reshaped business distribution and marketing models in addition to competing in a product marketplace. in certain industries the customer is the marketplace. Indeed, the e-commerce business model has challenged traditional adage that “location, location, location” is critical to commercial success (Chaffey, D. 2006). which has threatened the traditional business model for travel agencies in the tourism industry. compelling agencies to formulate novel strategic moves to sustain continued growth (Zhou, Z. 2003).

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