Hi I Need Help With Essay On Competent Leadership In Human Resources Paper Must

Hi, I need help with essay on Competent Leadership in Human Resources. Paper must be at least 2750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

It is the capability of efficient leaders to put efforts to get a factual outcome, setting objectives harmoniously in order to accomplish a mission and setting priorities right as well as maintaining principles, which cannot be compromised in the endeavors to achieve a certain goal. Prudent leaders view their position as a responsibility to achieve the desired goal. This essay is a critical evaluation of competent leadership in human services. The strengths that are needed in order for leaders to be competent in this field have been discussed. Some weaknesses that may hamper effective leadership have been highlighted.

&nbsp.There are several factors that a leader should put in to practice in order to improve his strength. The ability to balance various interests, adaptability and the ability to innovate are some of the strengths that enhance competence in offering effective human services. Being trustworthy is a very important attribute of leadership. This is because others depend on the leader in order to be triumphant in their endeavors. Without trust, people cannot believe in leadership and therefore do not follow the wishes of their leader. Kelly et al (2006, p. 182-183) further argue that acquisition by leaders of essential data concerning a range of backgrounds enables leaders to design the best organizational plan. This would serve to enhance planning to offer human services especially in situations that need a balanced allocation of resources.

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