Hi Need To Submit A 1000 Words Essay On The Topic Human Resource Management Qu

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Human Resource Management—question: How might organizational culture be related to the job satisfaction of the employees.

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For employees to experience job satisfaction, their work environment, which draws from organizational culture, must be motivating. In addressing job satisfaction, this paper focuses on how organizational culture contributes to the attainment of job satisfaction in employees. Job satisfaction of employees is dependent on different factors. However, most researchers link employee satisfaction to organizational culture. Kline and Boyd (1994) note that organizational culture entails company values, goals, and objectives. Buchman &amp. Huczynski (2010) emphasize that employees need to embrace their organizational culture. In the Walt Disney&nbsp.Company, new employees undergo training on company traditions before starting work. They become conversant with employer’s expectations of them, and develop a sense of responsibility, which crucial for job satisfaction. Different organizations have different objectives, and achievement of these depends on employees’ performance (Buchman &amp. Huczynski 2010). Motivation affects level of employee employees’ performance. Motivators include, job security, reduced working hours, and good work relationships (Walsh, 2009. Anthony, 2009. Walker 2012). Casserly (2012) observes that at Google, there is high investment in employee motivation. Free meals are offered to employees and working hours are reduced. Engineers take 20 percent of work hours in activities that are of interest to them. Motivation at Google is also through death benefits for employees. Upon employee’s death, Google pays 50 percent of their salary for next ten years. Employee’s partner gets stock benefits, and children granted $1, 000 on monthly until they are nineteen. According to Nohria, Groysbergand Lee (2008), such reward systems show value for employee performance form the basis for a culture, which promotes employee job satisfaction. Walsh (2009) and Sempane et al. (2002) argue that leadership style determines level of employee performance. Good leadership style involves employees and leads to job satisfaction. Differential treatment of employees does not ensure job satisfaction for all employees. Disney presents a good leadership style as it has managed to retain most of its past employees. Google is run by its culture, and employees participate in developing ideas for business model. This bottom-up approach is applied to all of Google’s projects, which have turned out successful (Anthony 2009). Gilmore and Williams (2009) suggest that organizations should adopt the ‘best practice’ strategy to people management. Employers must invest in training employees, thereby enhancing their competence. Financial and non-financial rewards mold employee behaviors to expected standards. Involving employees in decision-making process and providing opportunities for career growth, aim at employee job satisfaction. According to Mason (2004), organizations should assess the level of their security, take protective measures, identify threats, and mitigate crisis. Crisis management and preparedness are key to ensure employee security. Walker (2012) and Casserly (2012) note that Google highly invests in employee trainings by offering education programs through GoogleEDU in-house program, to boost employee performance. Capodagli &amp. Jackson (1999) argue that job satisfaction is determined by how an employee feels about their job.

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