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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on curfews for teenagers Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Curfew for Teens al Affiliation) Curfew for teens is a highly debated issue that raises the concerns of many people in the modern day society. The curfew of teens refers to the putting of time restriction for the children who are in their teenage years by their parents and guardians. Many counselors and experts in children upbringing advocate for curfew for teens due to the many benefits it impacts to the society. First this curfew locks teenagers from driving at night reducing the number of night road accidents. Many of the road accidents that occur at night are from teenagers.

Second, the curfew for teens prevents the teenagers from getting exposed to drug abuse. Many of the drug abuse activities such as drinking of alcohol and smoking of cigarettes occur during the night at concerts and night clubs. Restriction of teenagers from staying out late at night prevents them from getting access into such areas. This curfew also helps in reducing the occurrences of premarital sex. Many of the premarital sexual activities between the teens occur during the night on events such as prom nights. The premarital sex between the teens has many consequences such as unwanted pregnancies, transmission of sexually infected diseases and emotional distress.

Some people argue that curfew for teens are inappropriate and should not be practiced. Not imposing curfew for teens enables teenagers to be responsible for their actions and decision right from a tender age. This equips teenagers with the right behavior and qualities to put through their college lives. Despite this argument, it is still evident that curfew for teens is essential since it safeguards the teenagers who are not able to make right decisions for themselves due to their tender age (Thompson, 2012).


Thompson, M. (2012). Ive had it up to here with teenagers. Winston-Salem, NC: John F. Blair.

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