Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Collecting And Preparing The Ph

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Collecting and preparing.

The photographer needs to use the modern as well as state-of-art camera for the attaining better results. The size of the lens should be 28 mm focal length and macro lens should be 50 mm focal length, which gives a standard quality photo. The photographer also should record the crime scene along with the areas attached with it. They also should record the appearance of the evidence and provide the investigator the photograph along with the evidence for the further investigation. At last, the photographs of the crime scene must be presented in front of the judge in the form of evidences in a systematic manner (Pearson, 2015).

At the initial steps, the photographer should have the knowledge about different types of camera. The photographer appointed should be well acquainted with the type of camera that is required to take the photo of crime scene along with the perfect size of the lens and other accessories. The confidence level of the photographer must be high and should give higher attention at the time of work (Pearson, 2015).

The equipment such as camera should be good quality attached to a perfect quality of lenses. During the time of capturing photo, there should be proper lighting so that clear photo could be taken (Pearson, 2015).

During the time of photography of a crime scene, the photographer needs to ensure the safety by wearing the precautionary dress and needs to use certain arms or weapons while capturing the physical evidences (Pearson, 2015).

There are two types of photography such as micro and macro. The photographer also needs to take the photo from different angles to make it easy for investigation process. For the two types of photo, photographers should use two types of cameras such as micro camera and macro camera so that the standard of the capture could be ensured (Pearson, 2015).

The photographer should mark on the photo

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