Hi I Need Help With Essay On Why Illegal Immigration Is Good For The Us Economy

Hi, I need help with essay on Why Illegal immigration is good for the US Economy. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This is the common wisdom regarding “illegals.” Everybody knows this.

Everybody is wrong. Illegal immigrants actually commit fewer crimes than citizens because they will be deported for even the slightest infraction. The sacrifice to get here was too high to risk that. Regarding taking jobs from Americans, I often tell people that if an uneducated person who cannot speak the language, has no support system, no money, own only the clothes on their back and cannot possibly assimilate into society can take your job, it’s your fault. The main concern is the billions of dollars spent every year due to illegal immigration, money the U.S. just cannot afford due to the high National Debt and stagnant economy. They are like a colony of ants pouring over the border to invade our picnic. Unfortunately for legal and illegal citizens, the common wisdom on this subject lacks an appreciation of the real economic impact, a complex issue which should be more broadly understood before spending money we don’t have to fix a problem that does not exist.

Because more students in the U.S. are graduating high school than in years past, workers with low levels of schooling are progressively difficult to find. These workers are an essential element of the economy. They harvest crops, build homes, clean offices, prepare food and are willing to take monotonous factory jobs. “Because of their low education levels, illegal immigrants don’t compete against skilled natives in the labor market.” (Zavodny, 2007) In 1960 only about half of U.S. citizens graduated high school. Today that percentage has dropped dramatically to 12 percent. Illegal immigrants provide the economy with employees who are in inadequate supply. Opponents of illegal immigration claim that a flood of “illegals” hurt the economy by lowering overall wages of citizens and increase expenses for public services such as education and health

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