In Order To Synthesize The Learning Make A List Of The Top Three Points That Yo

. In order to synthesize the learning, make a list of the top three points that you have learned and how you will use them moving forward in your college career.  


The three key take-aways from this course for me personally were:

1. How to develop an Academic Plan to stay on track. 

2. The importance of a Cover Letter.

3. Persistence is the key to success with anything in life. 

One key take-away was how important it is to understand the program requirements and map out a path to successfully complete the program coursework. This plan will be helpful for when I get overwhelmed with life. I can look at what I have accomplished and what I still have left to do, and I can use this as a motivation tool to keep my goals in mind. Another thing I took from this course was the importance of a cover letter and what should be included in a covert letter. The one we read was just horrible. I want to present myself as a professional. I also learned how important it is to stay in the struggle. Persistence pays off with assignments, applying for jobs, and in the workplace. Employers like employees who do a good job and follow it through to the end. 

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