Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Rock N Roll High School Movie D

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Movie.

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Therefore, since an anarchic society does have certain structure and, consequently, certain rules and norms based on the society’s ethical norms, such a society is not a chaos because any processes taking place within such a society are regulated by its internal structures. Furthermore, this social order is not a chaos because it is not disordered or disorganized. Everyone acts in correspondence with the values of the group. In the movie ‘Rock’n’Roll Hight School’ we see a group of people, the majority of the school population, with common tastes – those found of rock’n’roll. They live their lives in a pretty structured way – have their own traditions and social norms. Though this population might seem rather disorganized from the first sight, it can further be observed that one culture unites them – a subculture of rock music. The things change when a new chief administrator of school – a new principal with an iron hand – comes to rule. She tries to implement a new set of rules – skirts below knees for girls, hair above collar and ties for boys, and, of course, no rock music. The concert of the Ramones which is being attended by nearly everybody, and even a music teacher, seems for her to be a crisis. As a result the administrator, together with a small supporting group, attempts to break the old state of things burning the records of the rock band. Such radical actions can be said to be an attempt on the major population’s cultural values and, hence, their rights. Surely, an organized group of the majority shows resistance – the Ramones come to the school and the school gets taken over and, finally, burnt by the students.

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