Hi I Was Hoping If Someone Could Show Me Two Examples Where One Is A Hand Drawn


I was hoping if someone could show me two examples where one is a hand-drawn and the other one that is graphed with technology to model this specific rational function with appropriate and detailed labels for the following function below:

Graph Characteristics:

Domain: {x≠0}

Range: y≠1/4

x-Intercept: x = -160 

y-intercept: Does not exist, a.k.a undefined

Horizontal Asymptotes: y=1/4

Vertical Asymptotes: x=0

Defining Intervals: Please write down what this is because I don’t know how to find. 

Max & Min Values: Please write down what the maximum and minimum values are for this function. 

Holes: Please write them down if there are holes, if any. 

All the information I wrote down above is all I have for this particular function. I am not able to find the holes, maximum and minimum values, and defining intervals so could you also include the three unknown characteristics that I have listed above as well please?

Also, could you also verity the characteristics such as the domain, range, x and y intercepts, horizontal and vertical asymptotes, I have written down so far above and verity whether they are correct or not for this particular function? 

Thank you so much!

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