Here Are The Scoring Standards And Requirements Length1 The Essay Is 10 Or More

Here are the scoring standards and requirements:


1.The essay is 10 or more pages of paragraph text long (with Works Cited starting on page 11 or after page 11)


1. All essay arguments are firmly grounded in credible research.

2. At least two-thirds of the research used in essay text is scholarly and traditional.

3. Works Cited contains at least seven entries (sources) that include two journal articles and one non-traditional source.


1.The essay contains an introduction that connects to the world and is attention-grabbing.

2. The thesis is a one-sentence statement at the bottom of the introduction that describes the myth and truth.

3. The essay convincingly proves the myth exists.

4. The essay convincingly proves the myth is false.

5. The essay shows why the myth matters/has a consequence.

6. The essay’s conclusion gives something back to the world.


1.MLA heading is correctly formatted.

2.All MLA formatting (fonts, margins, line spacing, etc) is followed to a very high degree of precision.

3. Works Cited is nearly flawless.

4. All in-text citations (paraphrasing, quotations, author tags, page numbers, parenthetical citations) are accurate, with no information taken from someone else left uncited.

5. All sources used in-text are found in Works Cited, and all Works Cited entries are found in-text.


1, The essay is carefully edited. No more than three grammatical and usage errors are found per page.

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