I Have A Couple Of Assignments For Psychology Some Of These Are Quizes And Essay

I have a couple of assignments for psychology, some of these are quizes and essay questions. I am extremely backed up in this class right now. Not exactly sure how this works, I was told that I could get an assignment done, if I paid. Is this true?

One assignment that is past due that I  need help answering is this:

1: A drug company developed a new medication to control the manic phase of bipolar manic-depression. The firm hired a hospital psychiatrist to conduct a test of the effectiveness of the new drug. The experimenter identified a group of 20 manic-depressive patients and randomly assigned 10 to the drug group and 10 to the placebo group. None of the patients knew which group they had been assigned to. Nurse Ratched was told to administer the drug and Nurse Johnson was told to administer the placebo. Once a day each nurse recorded a measure of emotional reactiveness. A month later the observations for the two groups were compared. The group that had received the new drug had average “reactiveness” measures that were more normal than the placebo group. The drug company concluded that they had demonstrated the effectiveness of their new drug.

  1. Identify the independent variable.
  2. Identify the dependent variable.
  3. Identify what the researchers should have done to make the study more internally valid.

 2: You wish to know if drinking coffee while taking an exam will help students increase their score on the exam. Describe how you would design an experiment to answer this question. In your answer describe:

(a) Your independent variable and how you will manipulate it.(b) Your dependent variable and how you will measure it.(c) One specific thing that you will do to establish CONTROL in your experiment

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