Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Grief The Process Of Acquiring

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Grief.

The process of acquiring is made balanced by the fact that we must loose. All relationships, objects or positions we acquire in life must be taken away or experience a phase that eliminate the effectiveness of the relationship. The loss is painful to the human life and we involuntary develop a process that tends to react to the loss. The reaction may be displayed in numerous forms. Different people display varying reactions to loss based on their idea of mourning and recovery. In an example a person may cry while another may alter their eating habits. However, an explanation to loss and recovery may be explained in a theological perspective to understand the existence this part of human life and spirit.

Grief can be defined as a way in which a person may react to loss. Grief is a person’s way to recovery after experiencing loss of something they had a relationship with1. However, the explanation of grief does cannot be exhausted by the understanding of the person relationship with what they lost. This is after the consideration that the magnitude of the loss determines the magnitude of grief one experiences2. Does grief exist in a theological scope or is grief extensively explained just by the reaction of human nature? Does one’s grief relieve them of the pain they experience when they undergo loss?

It is involuntary to grief. Human nature is incorporated with characteristics that require them to adjust to their environment in an instance of change3. The adjustment requires any mechanism that would minimize the feeling of pain4. This explains the difference in the way in which different people grieve. A person may heal from crying while another person may not heal from the same mechanism.

The process of grieving is also determined by the magnitude of the loss5. Grief is influenced by the level of one’s exposure to pain6. The magnitude of grief one may undergo when they lose their family member is different from one they experience when they

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