Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Goal Setting Framework Due To T

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Goal Setting Framework.

Due to the rising cost of distribution, Los Angeles Tribune will use any of the following strategies to achieve its set goal. distribute jointly with other producers to the consumers, use digital distribution channel, increase the number of middlemen companies to assist in distributing its products or create new subsidiaries in different cities and towns to reduce the distribution cost. Of all these strategies, the organization shall use digital distribution as one of the most appropriate strategies. Therefore, the organization will distribute most of its newspapers through online system. This tactic will ensure that customers subscribe for their newspapers for them to get access to the papers. Various activities need to be carried out in order to reduce the cost of distribution such as. proper education of the customers on how they will get the online papers without any constrain and advertising to the public to create awareness of the new move in the organization so that they are not surprised with the new organizations move (Barton, 2001). This is planned to reduce the cost of distribution by 10% in every month. This measure Barton of success will show the progress of the goal set to reduce the cost of distribution so that the profit realized may increase.

The other goal is to increase circulation revenue. The Los Angeles Tribune is making strategies such as to increase the newspaper supply, increase the advertisement efforts or to reduce the prices to attract more customers. With the investigation, the organization has realized that the circulation revenue goes down due to an increase in the prices of its newspaper. Therefore, one of the tactics that the organization will use is to reduce the price of its papers so that it regains its market share in the next two months. This will be done through reducing other costs, which will result in a cut, in prices. As a measure of success, 5% price cut in

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