I Need You To Reword Or Re Complete A Field Experience Paper Similar To The One

*I need you to reword or re-complete a field experience paper similar to the one that is attached. I used this paper last year and now the turnitin report keeps coming up for the file that is attached.* You can reword or what ever you need to do to get the turnitin score down to atleast 15% 

The field observation reflective paper is an in-depth written discussion of your overall field experience.  The reflective paper is a detailed rumination that describes your field experience and should illuminate connections between course content including: theoretical concepts, relevant lived experiences and other course content.  A good starting point for your discussion is the classroom setting, including any observed modifications related to the promotion of an inclusive environment, if applicable.  Extend your discussion to incorporate your interactions with individual and groups of students, as well as any specific developmental opportunities provided by the cooperating teacher. 

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