Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Compare And Contrast European A

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Compare and contrast European/American ideals of beauty with ideals of beauty in non-western cultures since the 19th century.

In both cultures, thinness is part of the ideal beauty of a woman. For instance, Asian and African women are thin naturally while the American ladies undertake measure such as taking diets in order to maintain a thin body structure. Fat women have also attempted to find ways of restoring thinness. According to Fedorak (2014), both cultures regard being overweight as a sign of laziness and lack of self-control. This particular aspect has led to the increase in the number of plastic surgeries in both cultures aimed at getting rid of fat

Beauty is not all about feminism of the girl-child. It also takes men into consideration. Since the 19th century, women prefer muscular and toned men in the western culture but in non-western cultures such as Asia, flower boys are more popular as compared to muscular men. The western perception places its concern on beauty mainly on the physical attractiveness while the non-western cultures place emphasis on the ability to perform certain roles related to women in the society (Fedorak, 2014). Feminism in the western culture has evolved since the 19th century and is now more of nudity with regard to the dress code. On the other hand, the non-western nations have been following traditional cultures, emulating traditional dressing to preserve the dignity in the community.

Cultural groups differ when it comes to the definition of the ideal beauty of a woman. The western culture is of the point of view of the nature of the body image such as size and height for attractiveness unlike the non-western culture, which determines beauty on the basis of the ability to perform roles. Both cultures do criticize fat women and tend to appreciate thin women. The western and non-western cultures are also very careful on ethical matters such as eating disorders that tamper with the ideal aspects of

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