I M Trying To Create A Stored Procedure There Are Three Parts To This Stored Pro

I’m trying to create astored procedure. There are three parts to this stored procedure. Please validate the data as on page. Please also make a SQL Script that calls the stored procedure like on page including some error handling like on page. The goal is to insert a new film into the film table with the following data.

Film name: “Lincoln”

Film Release year:2012

FilmDirectorID: 4 (Steven Spielberg)

FilmCountryID: 241 (United States)

FilmStudioID: 3 (Walt Disney)

FilmSynopsis: ” As the American Civil War continues to rage, America’s president struggles”

FilmRuntime: 150

FilmBudgetDollars: 65000000

FIlmBoxOfficeDollars: 275300000

FilmOscarNominationss: 12

FilmOscarWins: 2

Please help provide the sql code for my project.

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