Hi Need To Submit A 1000 Words Essay On The Topic Proposal Needed This Research

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Proposal needed.

This research will be based on approximately a hundred and forty graduates of the social work masters program from both campuses. Information of respondent candidates who will be reached will represent the different outcomes between the two campuses with regards to their participation and progress in the community. The research seeks to gather information from both female and male graduates to equally represent all graduates of the two campuses.

The results may be consistent with the hypothesis of the author. We suspect that graduates from the Prestonsburg Kentucky campus are more active in their community volunteer projects than graduates from the Kentucky Hazard campus are. More graduates of the University of Prestonsburg Kentucky campus social work masters program are probably licensed clinical social workers and may be more involved in the National Association of Social Work as than graduates of the Social work masters program from the Kentucky Hazard campus.

The research seeks to come up with tangible evidence concerning field applications of the program. The results points out why MSW graduates of the Kentucky MSW Hazard campus should be encouraged to engage themselves in more meaningful community volunteer activities and the National Association of social work. The research also highlights the reasons why the program should incorporate measures of encouraging and motivating its students to be more involved with activities of social work after successful completion of the program.

According to Kentucky annual report (2009, p25), alumni of the social work programs engage in humanitarian activities such as caring for the elderly, school social work, and mental health counseling. However, the hazard program is proved to have limitations in graduate field applications with regards to community volunteer programs. Moreover, some MSW graduates are found to

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