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This is to mean that a piece of art is able to penetrate to the heart and soul. The attainment capacity to which these thoughts and feelings can reach cannot measure, as it tends to vary within individuals. The sinking of the message in an art form is of a silent nature where understanding is in-born. In essence, art is an artist’s ideas conveyed in a standard medium that establishes ripples in the mind of the viewer or to the one set to enjoy the piece of art. In the twentieth century, art evolved in the minds and hearts of many in a manner related to intriguing fashion concepts. Therefore, there was a rise in the making of sculptures, wall paintings, murals, and canvas paintings that depicted advanced beauty and sophistication. Subsequently, it emerges that all art forms have the immeasurable capacity to modify and influence the creative power within an individual. Art wise, change in the twentieth century was the adoption of modernism as a way of artists expressing themselves. The innovations made during this period majorly influenced many artists that led this in to being the subject of their artworks. Moreover, cubism had also found its way in to the artistic expressions of that time. This form of art involved the use of ovoid shapes and many colors on oil and canvas to bring out beautiful paintings. On the other hand, modernism was an art form in which the traditional art forms had paved way for developed and modernized aspects of art. They ventured in the use of new mediums of displaying art and fresh ideas about the functions of art. For instance, the artists responsible for the revolution of art in the beginning of the twentieth century include Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Raoul Dufy. In addition, the twentieth century witnessed the birth of fauvism that involved the use of many colors, impressive landscape figures to create expressions, and figured paintings to depict the actual scenario. These various growths in the art world were effective in the development of art in to the forms visible today. On the other hand, the artist reception of these new ideas was overwhelming as most of them blended them perfectly in to their operations. As a result, they gave birth to impressions used in the explaining of the history of a nation. Ideally, these artworks portrayed the economic and cultural status of the people that existed in the time of their making. They documented history. In this regard, the objective of this paper will be to explain the valuable role of artists in contemporary life and society in general. Additionally, it will highlight three artists and three artworks then give their relevance in the art world. This will be through arguments, quotes, examples, and documented evidence to support as to why their roles were significant. Ways in which art plays a valuable role in modern life and society Family of Saltimbanques, 1905, oil on canvas by Pablo Picasso In Picasso’s Family of Saltimbanques oil on canvas painting, the theme is on entertainment as the painted family is that of those who work in a circus. The different characters depict the state in which the family finds itself in. As much as the family tends to make a living through its work, there is also loneliness portrayed in the way the woman sits in solicitude (Fichner-Rathus 81). Picasso pulled her away from the group to emphasize on how lonely she gets.

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