Hi Need To Submit A 3000 Words Essay On The Topic Leadership Is Action And Not P

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic Leadership Is Action and Not Position (The Enthusiastic Delegator).

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Leadership can be viewed to be one of the imperative factors affecting the success or failure of an organization. Leadership plays a significant role in influencing and directing each member of the organization towards attaining shared vision and goals. At the present day context, leadership has become a key element in every part of human life. Contextually, it is recognized that certain leaders are born with the pertinent qualities and traits to be regarded as a born leader. However, certain leaders are required to develop the essential leadership qualities such as delegation, problem solving and efficient decision making among others to be regarded as a successful leader of an organization.

True leaders can be regarded as those individuals who demonstrate positive attitude and intellectual speaking ability. These are the people who demonstrate their leadership traits through action and not by their position. An individual can possess a unique leadership style, however at times there is a requirement of altering the followed leadership style according to the situation in hand. In such scenarios, a leader needs to make pertinent decisions and properly delegate the required tasks among the subordinates to ensure proper flow of action in the organization. ‘Leadership is Action, Not Position’ is one of the famous quotes of Donald H. McGannon who operates ‘Westinghouse Broadcasting Corporation’ and also plays the role of President of ‘National Urban League (NUL)’. A person in order to become a successful leader needs to earn the respect of his/her followers by appropriate actions and not by the mere position of authority. . As a leader, an individual should realize that every action should reflect its reaction upon his or her attitude, integrity and ability (Bolden, 2004). Summary of the Pertinent Facts of the Case According to the case study, it has been observed that Charles Turner was promoted as a manager in the sales department at Universal Fibre and Textile Company. Moreover, the company had entered into the market two years before through selling a wide range of electrical insulation materials. The company’s entry into the market was quite successful through ‘High-ohm’ products. The company was going to launch its new manufacturing unit where production capacity was double than the previous manufacturing plant. The sales director of this company was still in doubt regarding Charles Turner’s position as a manager within the sales department. Moreover, sales director was also in doubt that how Charles Turner can manage the sales force of the company along with ensuring high ohm products manufacturing within the new plant. Furthermore, the sales director was personally expected to initiate the service of “house accounts” in order to increase the High-ohm products sales by about 25%. In this case study, it has been observed that Jim Ferris was one of the successful sales managers who operated in Northern and Midwest Area’s operations. Jim Ferris was considered as a high reputed, brilliant and successful salesman regarding industrial products. Being a successful sales manager Jim Ferris effectively managed the entire operational activities of the company which can be observed from the increase of sales of High-ohm products by about 44% in Midwest Area. Conversely, being a manager of Electrical Insulation Materials Sales Department, Charles Turner managed only 28% of the sales of High-ohm products in Southeast region. According to case study, the basic fact that has been observed is that being a successful employee Jim Ferris was not promoted as a manager in northwest sales department. By taking into concern the scenario provided in the case study, an interesting fact that has been observed is that Charles Turner was quite suspicious regarding his own capabilities and skills.

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