Hi Need To Submit A 1500 Words Essay On The Topic How To Do Service Learning As

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic How to do service learning.

As explained by Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, “Service-learning is a teaching and learning methodology which fosters civic responsibility and applies classroom learning through meaningful service to the community. The strongest service-learning experiences occur when the service is meaningfully immersed in ongoing learning and is a natural part of the curriculum that extends into the community” (Public Instruction).

Having clearly understood the meaning, it is important to know how this can be implemented. So what do we do for service learning? Service learning is not a skill that can be learnt in one day, it is something which needs to be incorporated over the years. To implement service learning into a program a few basic steps can be incorporated into normal working, I will list these first and then explain each of the points:

Okay, the first essential element that is found in the incorporation of service learning is to explain the positive aspects of teaching and helping others. Assisting fellow workers and students and explaining the benefits of service learning is the first step of incorporating service learning. Here it is essential to explain to others the strong characteristic traits and also to highlight the positives of helping others (Watts). Here it is essential to also provide knowledge for healthy decisions. By taking the above steps, it helps in laying the foundation for service learning.

Following this, the next step that needs to be incorporated is to successfully connect with the prospective partners and to find the right charities and service based organizations. Here it is essential to get in touch with the local authorities and the organisations and to get into some form of contracts of working together on various charitable goals (Kaye). Here it is important to set u goals for the youth to be able to achieve. By doing

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