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e the political circle and the military machines, but is also entails the process of coming up and building of epistemic frame works that tries to make and enshrine the domination practices legitimate. This formations and patterns were prevalent and common in colonial structures and their establishments. They fabricated frameworks, which were legitimate and perpetrated epistemic violence in their territories where they colonized. Foucault (84-85) clarifies that their institutions are not only based as entities constructed upon knowledge subjugation but also as an important mechanism of making their domination legitimate. This is significant given that subjugation of knowledge or epistemic violation is so common in the society.

Never the less, it would be myopic to conclude that the colonialists exclusively exercised the mechanisms elaborated at the introduction. All sorts of domination processes happened earlier and even concurrently to the enlightenment wave. However, it is dangerous and useful that post modernity facts has brought to us tools to scrutinize and analyze the happenings in the day-to-day world retrospectively. In contrast, it is important that we use general conceptions such as epistemic violence to examine the analogous domination processes, which are not related to modernity.

The application of any theory in generalizing and ignoring contexts way is risky and can lead to the making of another great narrative, which can be a totalitarian (Somerville 48). However, this tension will be centrally placed depending on how I will be arguing my case out. Therefore, the main aim of this essay is to find out and discuss many instances of subjugation of knowledge or epistemic violence as well as instances of epistemic retaliation in today’s societies.

Foucault identifies epistemic violence in the sanity redefinition in European eighteenth century. Violence means an assertion of power and epistemic originates from epistemology, which means the study of

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