It Is Very Important To Build Off Previous Assignments That Are Attached And Us

 It is very important to build off previous assignments that are attached and us business plan outline. 

You will craft the heart of your financial projections by focusing on the Profit and Loss Statement projected over the next three years. Along with this, you will discuss the logic you used to estimate your sales (be sure to refer back to Section 4 of your business plan), and your expenses (the top five line items).

Complete the Profit and Loss (section 6.1) of your business plan and the profit and loss assumption—section 6.5.1. You must justify your sales level by explaining the growth rate (number of customers times their average spending per visit and number of visits). Also justify your top five expenses. Use research to back up your numbers where appropriate (for example, likely rents based on commercial real estate leases in your area).

Finally, you will craft your elevator pitch for your company and be prepared to record it and post it to the unit 10 Discussion boards. This “pitch” is created by entrepreneurs to help get potential investors excited or interested in their venture.

Assignment checklist:

  1. Complete section 6.1 (Profit and Loss Statement) of your business plan outline
  2. Complete section 6.5.1 (Profit and Loss Assumption) of your business plan outline. Include justification for your sales figure, and explain the top five expenses.
  3. Write an elevator pitch that will be no longer than 60 seconds. No APA is required in this pitch. (Be prepared to record the pitch into a .WAV file in the next unit.)

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