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He attributes these phenomena to a lack of initiative and commitment of the church leadership in developing well thought out strategies that lead to effective accomplishment of their mission and objectives. Malphurs clarifies that failure in strategic planning of the church institution can be attributed to three factors: inability to understand the need to employ strategic leadership, insufficient knowledge in planning processes, and a lack of commitment to strategic planning as portrayed in the commercial business environment.

Businesses in the past underscored the impact of the free forces of the market, and strategic business plans remained simply that, plans. But the unexpected was in the waiting, as businesses were confronted by the harsh reality of fluctuating market forces that posed a daunting threat to the survival of the businesses. Malphurs reaction to that was the development of a seven step model to save the church from a similar experience.

By and large, Malphurs seeks to assist the church institution not to be brought down by incoherence in vision and purpose. A strategic management precaution that the church must institute, he suggests, is to develop and mould the church within well defined core values. Professional excellence, uncompromised discipline and adherence to the institutions core values are hence a mandatory strategic precaution to caution the church from disarray in circumstances of sudden deviation from expectations.

The title of the book as portraying an advanced approach to strategic planning cannot be as much referring to the complexity of the content, but to the exhaustiveness with which elementary aspects have been discussed.

Planning as a fundamental aspect of strategic management has been well articulated by Malphurs. He introduces the topic of strategic planning with an exhaustive

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