I Will Pay For The Following Essay Project Management Of The Construction Of An

I will pay for the following essay Project Management of the construction of an international airport in a developing country that involves land acquisition and fa. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Important inclusions which need attention have been emphasized. this includes the project schedule, WBs, and PID. All the construction processes have been identified together with material usage. It has also looked attest and inspection of all construction processes. Importance of good record keeping techniques have been emphasized together with what is there to be recorded and why. The project has also entailed the risk management process where all the risks have to be identified and possible solutions put down. Introduction Fast paced communication systems, restrictive budget, efficient planning, and just-in-time deliveries make projects operation easy for both the project leaders and project team. In order to keep time, construction’s players must streamline their operations in the construction, improvise ways to improve their rate of operation, shorten and innovate the construction cycle, as well as all other undertakings with in the construction process. In an international airport construction in a developing country, many aspects must be looked at to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the under takings. Having in mind that it is been built in an occupied land makes it complex because of the relocation policies of the land. A quality project needs adequacy in planning, efficient technology should be used, access to construction materials should be good, and the project schedule should be followed to the letter. …

Risk management is quite essential because poor risk analysis may lead to project implementation failure. WBS This is the process used in both system engineering and project management where the undertakings are broken down into smaller potion to facilitate the implementation processes. In project management, it is termed as discrete work components and facilitates the scope organization as well as definition along with availing guidelines for project control and development. Below is a sample of a WBS in an air craft system. The work breakdown in this project entail: farmers’ displacement, land acquisition, project schedule analysis, risk assessment and analysis, material acquisition, and airport construction process. The tool facilities overall frames work in the planning and control of the project as well as their implementation process (Thomas, 1996). Famers’ relocation and land acquisition Land being used in this project is under use by the farmers, the acquisition process needs fairness and use of the right channel to ensure that the displacement process has gone inline with the legal policies and ethics of the land. The best way to do this is by purchasing a land of equal productivity and relocating the farmers in that land and putting up structures for them or making compensation financially with respect to the value of the land. PID The term is used in project management to mean plan of approach. This is a series of documents containing different important documentations which include: reference terms, business case, project tolerances, risk register, communication plan, project plan, and any other important document in a quality plan.

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