Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Hipaa Security Policy I Would A

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic HIPAA Security Policy.

I would also ensure that the physician is aware of all the measures of ensuring security and that these measures are well observed. The security measures will need to be observed by all the covered entities and these will include those providing treatment, payments, and other healthcare operations. I will also ensure that the business associates as well get to understand these measures and these will include individuals such as those having access to the information of patients and those who offer support during treatment and in other operations and will also include the subcontractors. I would then follow the relevant steps in implementing an efficient privacy rule (Online Tech, 2015).

The security policies associated with HIPAA include technical policies and these include the integrity measures and controls that ensure that the electronic protected health information is in good working condition and is not altered nor destroyed. There are offsite backups and disaster recovery of IT that ensure that any failures or errors concerning electronic media are rectified to ensure that information concerning the health of patients is recovered while still intact. There is also the technical safeguard that ensures that the access to the electronic protected health data is controlled and only the authorized users have access. Record of activities on the hardware or the software is made possible by tracking logs or audit reports. Transmission or network is another safeguard practice that ensures that ensures there is protection against unauthorized access to electronic patient health information. There are also physical safeguards that ensure that limits the access to security, and to ensure that all the entities that are covered have policies and use regarding electronic media and workstations (Hasib, 2013).

One of the most important security policy requirements of HIPAA is the privacy rule. This rule requires that all the

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